What Really Matters

acts-of-kindness-quoteAs I sat down to write today, the words just couldn’t come.

This has been a month filled with many emotions: grief, sadness, hope and happiness.

It began with the unexpected death of a close family friend, and then to hear of the horrific tragedy at Sandy Hook in Newtown last week is nothing short of deep sadness.

Yet in-between this sadness I’ve had happy moments of re-connecting with old friends, my mom flying in to visit for a few days, a call from a neighbor asking for some help with her 94 year old father (which I gladly did, yet reminded me of how precious my body is many years younger), to spending more quality time with other family members and friends.

These moments have allowed me to reflect on what really matters in life…   

And it’s not the size of your jeans.

It’s not what the number on the scale says.

It’s not how thin or fat you feel or look.

It’s not what society tells you (even subtly) what you ‘should’ look like.

And it’s not how many fruits or vegetables you eat per day.

What REALLY matters in life is how you treat others, how you make them feel, and what you do to make the world a better and happier place.

As I was thinking this, it was ironic (or divine) that an email came in from Debbie Phillips, Founder of Women on Fire® with the suggestion of commiting 20 random acts of kindness in honor of the 20 children who lost their lives.

Journalist Ann Curry first came up with this idea, and now #20Acts and on Twitter is flooded with creative ideas. (Some people are doing 26 Acts, adding in memory the 6 adults/teachers who lost their lives).  Here are some Random Acts of Kindness participants have done:

  • I gave 20 flowers to 20 unsuspecting people. Each flower had the name of a child who’s life was so tragically taken.
  • Family is doing 26 acts a day. Early start with a bed from Kuranda Dog Beds on its way to Middletown, NY for Pets Alive.
  • Saw a homeless couple sleeping in the parking lot…left them breakfast and a $20 gift card.
  • Just counted some change and going to donate the local foodbank.
  • Gave two homeless people all my change today.
  • Two days in a row, I’ve simply helped a little old holiday shopper cross a busy street & been met by big smiles & thanks.

I also saw this:

I wish it didn’t take a tragedy for people to remember why kindness, human compassion and love will never go out of style.

This week, and every week, what random act of kindness can you do for someone, an organization, or people in need? Isn’t that what Christmas and the Holiday’s are all about?  And it’s something we should do all year round.

Also remember to treat yourself and your body with kindness and compassion too.

Wishing you and your loved ones a very happy holiday!

Much love,


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